• Sun and rain: Berlin celebrates pride all the same

    di il 25 luglio 2017

    Brussels and Berlin came together in the rainy celebrations of the Christopher Street Day Pride Parade. For the first time, a European Pride Truck rode along in the annual parade. "Europe just stands for an open society, equal rights for every person and it will protect LGBTQ rights", says Florian Günther of Stand up for Europe. Mick stepped on board the Europride truck.

  • Hamburg G20: "Welcome to hell"

    di il 11 luglio 2017

    "Whose streets? Our streets! Whose streets? Our streets!" The protesters might have tried their best to state their case, but Hamburg was completely taken over by police in the days surrounding the G20 Summit. Empty avenues, omnipresent police vans and helicopters; the city was transformed. "Welcome to Hell".