• #NoSizeFitsAll: The rise of body-positive fashion

    di il 20 settembre 2016

    As it has many times before, this year's London Fashion Week has brought with it plenty of controversy over its unreasonable and unattainable standards of beauty. We look at some of the small start-ups who are fighting back by presenting women with models who actually look like them. 

  • Euro 2016: Wales, hear the dragon roar

    di il 23 giugno 2016

    The 2016 UEFA European Football Championships are underway in France. With the competition extended to 24 teams, Euro 2016 promises a longer tournament, with several sides making their grand debut. Cafébabel gives you a run down of a few of the national sides, covering the general mood, some quick predictions and even current fashion trends. It's Cymru's turn to shine.