• The Great Turkish Trek

    di il 26 agosto 2016

    Every culture starts its stories in a different way. In Iran, they start with “Yeki bood, yeki nabood” ("There once was, there once was not...”). The Scots say “In the days of auld lang syne.” In this story, I begin with the Greek “Μια φορά κι έναν καιρό” - "Once, in another time..."           

  • No Muslim Hipsters? Growing a beard in the Netherlands

    di il 11 gennaio 2016

    What happens when a regular guy grows a beard? Out of curiosity, from January to June 2015, I grew a beard and went about my daily life as an academic in the Netherlands, who travels abroad a lot for research and conferences. The results of this little "experiment" were surprising, though not necessarily for the reasons I expected.