• Immigration: A Bavarian - british Shitstorm

    di il 11 febbraio 2014

    And so another wave of immigration sweeps through Europe. But this wave has not swept across Europe’s borders as many predicted- oh no- this wave of immigration has swept through people’s minds, or more specifically through the minds of politicians in London and Munich. What ever happened to the Romanian-Bulgarian shitstorm being bigged up by the far-right??

  • Obama's NSA Interview; All that matters is... good vibes

    di il 20 gennaio 2014

    Obama has fi­nally given his long-awaited in­ter­view with Ger­man tele­vi­sion. Fol­low­ing the NSA spy­ing scan­dal, Ger­many has been eager for an­swers. In the in­ter­view a few things stand out, but not what you would ex­pect. What is ap­par­ent at first glance is Obama's tal­ent for nod­ding his head sym­pa­thet­i­cally. This cre­ates 'con­fi­dence'.