An endless violence

Articolo pubblicato il 18 luglio 2016
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Articolo pubblicato il 18 luglio 2016

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What can we do to make the world a better place?

It could really be said that these last few weeks have been characterised by a very simple key concept: violence. News all over th world have just been speaking of the attemped coups in Turkey, of Nice attack, of the horrible accident happened in Italy and of the murder of several policemen and black people in the US. We have all been looking for an explanation, for a way to put an end to all these events, just to say that we leave in "peace" and that justice has been made. However, despite all our efforts, dead people will not revive, their families will never be able to overcome their pain completely and all this attention will slowly go down, without finding a real solution. We will go on paying because of secret commercial movements, people will go on dying because of poverty, of starvation and of terroristic attack, not only in Europe but in Arabic countries too. French people are not the only victims. How many children die every year out there because of granades or of bombs, which are used by our own allies? How many innocent people lost their life between 2002 and 2003 because of Tony Blair and Bush. We can't just pray for who we want, because otherwise we would be like Isis. We kill them to have revenge and they do the same. Their terrible actions cannot absolutely be justified, but they have their own reasons too. We have to fight hate with love, because all together we are far better. We have to demonstrate that violence is never a good solution and it could have make us reach a different goal. Just think of Turkey. The coup was aimed at recovering democracy an make this nation a better place, but at the end it just strengthned Erdogan's power and popularity, pushing people to wish for a re-introduction of death penalty, despite having them fought against the cuop because they were sicked of injustified violence. Violence is never a good or the only answer. However, if we don't understand that, probably we won't find any solution at all for our future. We have an amount of more urgent problems, such as climate chenge, but violence is just having us distracted from what really matters and having us divided because of money.  We have only one life, we can't waste it