A definition for an e-inclusion movement

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Articolo pubblicato il 21 novembre 2002

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An individual contribution may look like “a drop in the ocean.” If millions do the same such drops will become an “ocean of change.”

A Global E-Inclusion Movement

A movement is a boundless, free flowing association of people sharing and pursuing in myriad ways the realisation of a dream. It is a space for leadership, creativity, innovation, emulation, cooperation, competition, fulfilment and disappointments in pursuit of change. It may be partly coordinated or simply loosely associated through mechanisms for sharing and learning about different experiences. The bond –whatever its manifestation- is simply the shared dream and the desire to do something about it

Frontline of Global Movement

• The frontline of change is the projects and experiences that are in direct contact with the poor and excluded in countries, regions, cities, rural areas and communities.

• the entire ensemble of governance, policy and support/funding at all geographical levels should help create a more fertile environment for “digital-divide” projects to flourish.

• grassroot digital-divide projects should be able to effect change in the living and working conditions of the poor and excluded and, implicitly, be able to generate the resources necessary to exist.

Way Forward - Some Broad Steps

• Continue to stimulate and support all initiatives and actions (public, private, non-profit, etc.) emerging and taking place at the moment as well as their networking to exploit synergies.

• Stimulate massive awareness on the issues of the digital divide and its deep relation to the challenge of poverty and exclusion reduction raised by the UN Millennium Summit: reduction of poverty by half by 2015.

• Continue to demand from the most advanced countries to act in consequence with their avowed commitment to reducing digital poverty and exclusion.

• Encourage the formulation, sharing and implementation of local, regional, national, international action plans or programmes for inclusive digital economies.

Way Forward - Stimulating Minor Steps

“Transforming Drops of Concern Into an Ocean of Change”

Participation need not entail radical change for individuals and


An individual contribution may look like “a drop in the ocean.”

If millions do the same such drops will become an “ocean of change.”

Simple questions in the consciousness of people:

• is there a possible way in which what I do can be of benefit to the digitally excluded?

• what incremental change would I need to implement to be able to benefit the digitally excluded with what I already do?