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Reportage / Berlin, where the love tear down every wall

Articolo pubblicato il 09 novembre 2009
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Articolo pubblicato il 09 novembre 2009
Many things come to mind, as mentioned Berlin: communism, the division between East and West, his wall, bars with music until the early hours of the morning, Nazism, Jews, architecture fascinate, homosexuality, walks with bicycles, and a myriad things, for which Berlin known as one of the most attractive cities for visitors. 20 years after the fall of the Wall, the city already has another face.
Wherever you see people free to move without any difficulty, the concept of East and West is already gone for the people of this city. Yet his road you can see pieces of the infamous wall or posters showing that here, before 20 years, there was a wall that for about 28 years divided between dreams, lovers, pain and desires of millions of Germans. But now, he wall is a symbol, to which Germans supported to see the future, but without forgetting to cast their eyes towards the past. Transformations of this city in 20 years are numerous, but still see the difference between East and West. In the eastern part of Berlin, the buildings raised by communist leaders of this country are the last memory of them remains. Berlin this year hosted 27 young journalists from different countries of Europe, among them also from Albania, Serbia and Turkey, countries which are candidates to join the EU. The organizers of this activity was selected precisely this city, to show that there are no boundaries that can divide people, however walls up and no matter how the required visa through the embassy. There, the first 20 years young and old together down the fortress of communism, young journalists see with their eyes, changes of this city. Although from different countries of Europe, the culture, traditions and different languages, the 27 young journalists managed to fells well with each other, breaking every barrier set up by the state bureaucracy. They can see the Greek journalist Eleni Fotiou, who laughs with journalist from Turkey, Faik Uyanik, whose reporter was also joining from Greek Cyprus. In Berlin there were no conflicts between states; anyone not interested that had witch conflict their states: they were there to show once again that people were not interested in the attitudes of states and politicians to manage. In Berlin emerged feeling, which probably will be the leaders of states penalizing young journalists. Far from the world, where everyone is labeled on the country, young people of breaking the barriers raised by their feelings. Kiss alternated city streets, where once the Berlin Wall stood stoic: hugs alternated at the Television Tower, smile looks Reichstag anywhere in the premises of the former, which already has become Germany's Parliament. In this entire atmosphere, forget reality for a few moments where you live and enter the world of youth, who, without fear of anyone, without hiding the eyes of anyone, the loves in the streets of Berlin. Kiss of the two young men is more beautiful symbolism, to show that there is no distance for love and for people who overthrow any wall that rises before them and to challenge each embassy. While the former Berlin sees through photos, to remember today's Albania. Everywhere around us has raised walls, which prevent the move, to closed feelings and dreams. Is how much longer wills our state need to topple the wall built around us, the wall which the spirit takes us day after day? Young journalists from different countries of Europe hear with surprise, as he said that Albanians need a mountain of documents to obtain a visa, even week. The 24 young people sitting in front of Europeans, the journalists from Turkey, Albania and Serbia tried to explain to their colleagues for the difficulties they face every time he directed the embassy doors. Although somewhat perplexed by these words to hear, all in one mind said it was an inhumane way, but nobody knew to give an answer, when it will finally get this story. In Berlin, where wall divided a country for 28 years, two young men, to come across in this city, with their love collapsed the wall and state bureaucracies.